Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How (Not) to Get Some Sleep

Oliver's been on a weird sleep schedule since catching this cold. Until today, he's been napping a lot during the day on my shoulder. At night, he's still sleeping, but he's getting up more frequently.

This has resulted in one super tired Mommy. Today, I was desperate for a nap. I thought I'd lay down and catch one while he napped.

Well, my little buddy didn't seem interested in a nap today. He went from 6am to 11am with no nap at all. At 11am, I was about to fall asleep, and I knew he needed some rest, so I tried rocking him while I nursed him. He fell asleep. I crawled into bed with him, and he woke up crying. Shoot!

So I decided to nurse him while we laid on the bed. I figured, he'd drift off into sleep, and then I could. That would have worked if he fell asleep. He was very contented to lay there, sucking away (even after the tap was empty). Well, I reasoned, I could sleep while he sucks. So I started to drift off, but every time I was almost alseep, he'd fall off the breast and whine for me to offer it again.

I decided I'd get up. I wasn't getting rest, anyway. So I got up and brought him downstairs. Within minutes, he was asleep on my shoulder. I rejoiced. Back upstairs we went. I laid him on the bed, crawled in next to him, and...

...he woke up, crying. I've never let Oliver "cry it out" before. At that moment, my tired self decided to let him cry it out. I thought it would be a good trial run at it since I was laying next to him. I did my best to block out his cries, and I tried to sleep with the wailing baby next to me. His cries started getting louder and more desperate. And then, then, they started to get hysterical (literally). Worst mom, ever.

I scooped him up and cooed in his ear. He calmed. Once his crying ceased, I, again, thought of sleep. And, so, I swaddled Oliver up. I took him to the rocking chair and nursed him until he slept (again). I laid us down on the bed where we slept for an hour and a half. I feel fantastic!

Once I woke, I crept out of bed and set up the monitor. I snuck downstairs. That's about the moment when Oliver's mommy detector went off, as he woke up, crying. I ran back upstairs and unswaddled him. I changed his diaper, cooed at him on the changing table, and then took him downstairs. Almost immediately, he fell asleep on my shoulder.

So, here we are again. I'm at the computer, getting my blog on, as Ollie sleeps noisily against my chest.

We'll get this napping thing down one day. Won't we?

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