Friday, January 15, 2010


Yesterday, Ollie went in to the Jefferson County Health Department for his vaccinations. My mom went with me for emotional support, and, boy, did I need it! As soon as they gave Oliver his first shot, he started screaming, and I started sobbing.

He settled down pretty quickly and acted normal for the rest of the day. I took extra careful with his legs, and I was afraid to carry him and change his diaper. Still, we did just fine. At 2am, he woke up for his usual night time feeding and diaper change. I put him back to bed, but I couldn't sleep. I laid there, listening to him shift and squirm, for about two hours. Then, just after four, he cried.

I picked him up, and he fell asleep almost immediately in my arms. Poor guy apparently wasn't able to fall asleep earlier. I was just about to get up to put him back in his crib when he started to fuss again. I decided to burp him in case he was having gas pains. He burped the weirdest burp. It sounded kind of liquidy, so I figured he'd spit up, but there was nothing. Then his breathing sounded labored. At least, something sounded liquidy in him.

I went to the changing table to unswaddle him. As soon as I set him down, he projectile vomitted. I started freaking out and yelling to Andrew. Oliver proceeded to fall asleep on the changing table. He must have been so tired.

I remembered that one of the side effects one of his vaccines was vomitting. I also remembered that it was supposed to be mild, so I calmed down, too. I rewrapped Oliver in clean blankets and put him to bed.

He slept for a couple of hours, occassionally waking up with a cry, but he quickly fell back asleep. I laid in bed, listening, worrying, falling in and out of sleep. At six, he started crying for real, so we got up to start the day.

I think he's feeling OK. Right now, he's playing with and talking to the bunny on his infant seat.

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