Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Cold, Part II

My heart must have seized half a dozen times yesterday. Oliver would start coughing, and I could hear the mucous in it. It sounded like he was struggling to breathe through it after he coughed. I didn't know what to do except pick him up, pat him on the back, and then use the aspirator. Poor baby's going to have a helicopter mom every time he's sick.

I did a few tricks that (might have) helped. I used the humidifier at full blast, and I gave him a bath. I also opened up all the blinds and held him to the sun, hoping to boost his vitamin D. Of course, I'm taking my vitamins as well.

I'm going to give him a bath today, too. I also want to try to give him a little baby massage to see if I can loosen up any mucous (not that I know there's mucous that needs loosening... that's the problem with him not being able to tell me what's wrong).

I guess, intellectually, I know he's OK. It's just so hard seeing him struggle and hearing him cough. Can't wait until he's feeling better again...

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