Friday, January 22, 2010

Oliver Puts Himself to Sleep (Twice)

"Put him to bed when he's still a little awake." Many people, from the nurse at the hospital to random people on, advised me to make sure Oliver was still slightly awake before putting him to bed. I followed that advise on nights Oliver was in a good mood. I'd rock and pat him until he was almost completely asleep, and then I'd set him down in his crib. Sometimes, he'd stir, but then he'd fall back asleep.

Last night, however, when I set him down for the night, his eyes flew open. Rather than going through our nighttime routine again, I decided to let him try to go to bed on his own. I pat him on his belly and said, "Good night; sleep tight." And I left the room. That was it. He fell asleep on his own!

Oliver got up at midnight for his feeding, which is very early for him. Then, at 2am, he woke up again. I listened to him fuss and squirm as I tried to muster up the energy to get out of bed again. Then, instead of going into a full-on cry, Oliver fell asleep. He put himself to sleep again! And he proceeded to sleep until 5am. Way to go, Boy!

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