Monday, February 13, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Day 13: Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili Shepherd's Pie

There is a serious lack of quality vegetarian slow-cooker recipes. I've even bought a book of slow-cooker vegetarian recipes, and all if the ones I tried were just awful.

A few weeks ago, I pinned this slow-cooker vegetarian shepherd's pie:

I finally decided to make it today. The process was easy. I put all of the ingredients into bowls and let Oliver dump them in and mix them. He sprinkled the cheese on top, and then I smeared mashed potatoes over the whole thing. Easy as, well, pie!

The house smelled fantastic all afternoon. Dinner time arrived, and I was not disappointed. Delicious! Andrew gobbled it up, too, but Oliver wouldn't touch the stuff. I thought I could even skip the cheese next time. It added some flavor, but not that much. I think I'd rather skip those extra calories. Andrew insisted that the cheese needs to stay, so I guess that's that. Well, maybe I'll just try decreasing it next time. And, yes, there definitely will be a next time!

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