Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Day 14: Eggs in Peppers

Happy Valentine's Day! My husband woke me up this morning and said to me, "I made you breakfast, and I did one of your pins for you!"

I came downstairs and saw this:

Beautiful! He completed this pin:


The eggs were very flavorful. They'd picked up a hint of the pepper flavor, and he'd topped them with salt, cracked pepper, and a touch of Swiss cheese.

I told him I was going to take a picture of them for the pin, and he told me he already had! He'd also taken pictures of the cooking process. He told me that it's important to cut the peppers as straight as possible, otherwise the eggs leak out the bottom.

He chose to do two as fried eggs and two as scrambled eggs.

To the scrambled eggs, he'd added a splash of milk. Apparently, that caused the eggs to really leak under the peppers. He used a spatula to hold the peppers down to limit the runaway eggs. Once the eggs started to cook and form a seal, he scooped all the eggs that had run out and put them back in the peppers:

I enjoyed this morning in every way. Breakfast with my family, delicious eggs, and no pin to worry about today! OK, so I already had a pin completed, but I'll post that one tomorrow and take a day off pinning for today and tomorrow.

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