Friday, February 24, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Day 24: Vegetarian Sloppy Joes

I've made vegetarian sloppy joes in the past by roughly chopping up a bunch of portobellos and substituting them for meat, using the recipe on the back of a sloppy joe seasoning packet. I like those sloppy joes, but Andrew isn't a fan.

I had no pin in mind today. When the kids finally decided to take a nap this afternoon, I quickly scrambled to find a pin for dinner, as that was all I had time for today. In fact, I'm amazed I've found time to write this post. Crazy day!

Anyway, here is the vegetarian sloppy joe pin:

I used Morning Star Farms frozen crumbles for the "crumbled ground meat substitute." I forgot to buy the can of tomato puree, so I roughly chopped up three tomatoes that I had in the fridge and stuck them in the food processor. Hey, it's pureed tomatoes, so it works! Ahem.

I have to say, I enjoyed these sloppy joes, but they weren't what I look for when I crave a sloppy joe. They tasted like, well, barbeque sauce. Barbeque sauce is all well and good, but that's not what comes to mind when I think of sloppy joes. They were fine. They were good. It's just not really the type of food I'd seek out again. These probably will not make it to our kitchen table again, unless my husband specifically requests them.

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