Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Day 5: Football Rice Krispie Treats

It's Super Bowl Sunday! I'm one of "those people" who is actually not really a football fan and only tunes in once a year for the big game. This year, we're heading to my parents' house to watch it. In addition to the football deviled eggs that I made yesterday (What? They were totally footballs), I decided to bring football Rice Krispie treats, too!

I used this pin:

It appeared to be fool-proof, as the recipe came straight from Kellogg. I chose to use the marshmallow fluff option instead of marshmallows to avoid gelatin and make them vegetarian.

Oliver and I heated the butter on the stove top. We added the jar of marshmallow fluff and stirred until it was melted. We took it off the heat and stirred in the peanut butter. We poured all of that over six cups of Cocoa Krispies. Then, I washed and buttered my hands. I grabbed a handful of the mix and pressed it with my palms to start forming it into a football. I opened my hands, and... didn't stick together. It would not form into anything. It wouldn't hold. I tried crushing it into a football shape using all my strength. Nope. I was out of marshmallow fluff, so I decided to add some more peanut butter. Once again, I buttered my hands, and I grabbed a handful of the mixture. I tried to form it into a ball but failed. So, I crushed it. I crushed all of the Krispies with my hands, and by completely crushing the entire thing together, I got it to hold. The only problem was that it took a lot of strength to do it. So, I enlisted Andrew to finish the job for me:

Please notice that there aren't any whole Krispies in our Krispie treats. They kind of resemble cheese balls:

After decorating them with icing, they didn't look so bad. However, if you look at the picture I pinned in the link above, you will see that our football treats were sub-par:

At least you can tell they're footballs, right? Stupid deviled eggs.

I'm not sure what went wrong with the recipe. Was it the fluff instead of the actual marshmallows? Was it our dry climate? Our air is so dry up at this altitude, so when I make things like bread, I don't ever end up using the full amount of flour. Maybe I should have cut back on the amount of Krispies.

These taste pretty good, I guess. Andrew and Oliver enjoyed taste testing them. I think I prefer regular Rice Krispie treats over these peanut butter-chocolate ones. Maybe I'll give this another try next year and cut the cereal down to five cups in hopes that it will hold better.

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