Friday, February 17, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Day 17: Color Match Up

For my Pinterest Challenge today, I made a color match-up toy for Oliver using this pin as a guide:

I grabbed two sets of paint samples in the primary and secondary colors (red, yellow, blue, orange green and purple). I cut out squares from one set and glued them on clothes pins. I bought the clothes pins for a dollar from the dollar store. Then, I pinned each clothes pin on its matching sample card. Here's mine:

I showed Oliver how to play the game. He understood, and he'd set the clothes pins on top of their corresponding sample card. He couldn't figure out how to open the clothes pins himself, though, which frustrated him. He soon lost interest in the game for favor of trying to open the clothes pins. His inability to do so made him angry, so I ended up putting the toy away.

I think this game is a good idea, but Oliver is just too young for it. However, I have to wonder: once he's old enough to use the clothes pins properly, won't a color match up game be too easy for him?

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