Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Day 21: Popsicle Memory Game

Isn't this homemade memory game adorable?

I wasn't sure if Oliver would be old enough to play it yet, but I pinned it to save the idea. I had some popsicle sticks, so I decided to make this toy this evening. I printed out two sheets of the popsicle images from the website linked to my pin. Unlike the blogger, I decided not to make them perfect by using an exacto knife. I totally understand that you want pieces to look as identical as possible for the memory game, but I decided that wouldn't be important with a two year old. Scissors did the job just fine.After I cut out each and every popsicle, I folded them over the edge of a table. When that was done, I decided to glue them to the sticks with glue instead of using double-sided tape, mostly because I did not have double-sided tape.

The game ended up looking really cute!
Unfortunately, it's too late in the evening for me to try this game out with Oliver. We'll give it a go tomorrow. Even if he's not into it just yet, I know this game will be a winner at some point!

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