Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Day 4: Football Deviled Eggs

Today's pin (here: ) appeared simple enough. Make deviled eggs. Use sliced olives to mimic football laces. End result: football deviled eggs.

I decided to use my standard recipe for deviled eggs because I don't like mayonnaise (what?!), but I love Miracle Whip. It's just so zesty! I got out the supplies:

Oliver helped peel the hard-boiled eggs:

After mashing the yolks and mixing them with approximately half a cup of Miracle Whip and a few tablespoons of mustard (both to personal taste), I piped the mixture bag into the eggs using a plastic baggie with the corner snipped off:

That's when things started to go wrong. Andrew walked up and looked at them and asked, "Uh, doesn't the yolk mixture need to be smooth for the laces?" Doh! I hadn't even thought of that. So, I cleaned my fingers and smeared down the pretty yolk mixture to be as smooth as I could. It went OK.

I sprinkled paprika (a little too much, oops) on the eggs because I don't think you can have deviled eggs without paprika! Then, I sliced up olives. They didn't work very well. The "laces" couldn't really overlap over each other. They just wouldn't fit on top. So, I had to slice the horizontal ones in half and stick a half on each side of the main lace.

It didn't look like a football. It looked like either a sea turtle with an extra set of legs, or a mutilated scorpion.

Here was my end result:

The good news is, they tasted fabulous. Andrew said, hands down, best deviled eggs he'd ever had. I learned minced olives are a good addition to deviled eggs, so today's project wasn't a total loss. It's a good thing I don't have much pride because I still intend to bring these to my parents' house tomorrow for the Super Bowl. They look ugly but taste great!

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