Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Day 22: Monkey Pancakes

My son loves monkeys. He has half a dozen stuffed monkey animals at our house, and he can't sleep without one of them. In fact, he woke up at 3am this morning. I was downstairs (already awake for the day), and, from over the monitor, I heard, "Monkey? Monkey?" I had to go unearth "Monkey" from his monkey blankets and give it back to him so he could go back to sleep.

So, when I saw a pin for monkey pancakes, I had to repin it to save for later.

That later day came today! As soon as Oliver was up for the day, we set to work. Oliver held Monkey in one arm while stirring with the other. He kept exclaiming excitedly, "Monkey pancakes!" even though he couldn't possibly know what monkey pancakes were.

We finished making the pancakes, and I built a monkey. I used a warm chocolate chip to draw in the mouth. I set a banana on the plate and proudly presented it to Oliver.

He loved them! He'd announce all of the facial parts before biting into them. Don't worry: he took care to make sure "Monkey" got some, too.

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