Monday, February 20, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Day 20: Fairy Glow Jar

I got excited for today's pin. I really thought I was going to make a cool toy for Oliver. Check out this pin:

Even though it's clearly photo-shopped, I could visualize a glowing, glittering jar, and I could just see Oliver's delight.

For $2 at Michael's, we bought a package of glitter and two packages of two glow sticks (for a total of four).

I had an empty, clean peanut butter jar that I decided to use because it's plastic and wouldn't break. I dumped the glitter in and then slowly added water, shaking it to keep the glitter from clumping. Then, following this guide from ehow, I cracked all the glow sticks. I took my scissors and cut one open...

Splat! Neon green liquid shot out everywhere, including all over my glasses, which I was happy I was wearing. Andrew helped me clean. I poured the glow stick into the jar, and, by poured, I mean I shook it vigorously for the liquid to come out drop by drop. When it hit the water, it stopped glowing. I thought maybe it was diluted, so I proceeded to use all the glow sticks.

Here's what I ended up with:

All the glitter clumped together into a goo, and the glow sticks dyed the glitter green. There was no glow inside the jar whatsoever. It was a jar of goo.

Andrew knew I was disappointed, so he tried to get Oliver to play with it anyway. He used the light of his cell phone to light up the jar from underneath:

That was pretty cool, but because Oliver couldn't run around and shake the glowing jar, he quickly lost interest. This pin bombed.

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Anonymous said...

You shouldn't have used water! It's just the glow sticks liquid and glitter! ;)