Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Day 18: Baked Eggs in Tomato Cups

I decided to do one of my breakfast pins today, so I made baked eggs in tomato cups:

They're as easy as they look! I bought some tomatoes on the vine, sliced off the tops, and scooped out the insides. I cracked an egg into each, and I topped it with a dab of butter and a sprinkling of salt and pepper:

I baked those bad boys for close to half an hour because the eggs just were not cooking (the egg whites stayed clear up until the last 5-10 minutes). I wonder if using cold tomatoes is to blame.

One tomato split open almost immediately in the oven. Two others split open near the end. Again, it's probably my fault. When I scooped out the pulp, I also scooped out the ribbing. I probably weakened the tomatoes when I did that.

In spite of the set backs, breakfast was fab. Andrew told me the tomatoes were perfectly tender, and Oliver especially enjoyed the mango smoothies (12 oz of OJ, half a fresh banana, 4 ice cubes, one diced mango that I'd previously frozen, and 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt) that he helped me make.

I love how simple this recipe is, but it's still elegant. I don't think it'd make a good weekday breakfast for us, since it needs to bake for so long, but I intend to do this again on a weekend morning.

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